Starpack Students 2020

Gold and Sponsor Award Winner!

The brief was to create a floor standing display with a 'Back to School' theme, advertising to the parents, not the children. The display had to hold 48 1.5 litre bottles of Pepsi Max.

My idea revolved around childhood career aspirations and desk graffiti which I later renamed doodles when I thought it could encourage subversion.

I chose the pyramid shape as a reference to a child's journey through the key stages of education. The mortar board atop the display shows the ultimate education goal for most students.

The doodled icons refer the jobs that students from 5 all the way up to 18 dream of becoming when they complete education.

The display asks the parents "Who will they become?"

You can read more about my design concept on my Starpack boards in the image gallery.

Click the link below to see my entry in the 2020 winners ceremony:

(Time Stamp - 28:28)