Major T is a fictitious tea room that serves food and drink but also hosts live music events regularly.

The name is related to musical scales but the letter is swapped to the end as it made more sense for it to be this way. The 'major' is also related to the military rank to show that it is an important brand.


The 'T' relates to the beverages sold at the tea room as well as being related to the slang term for gossip, 'spilling the tea'. I used the link to this term as the target audience for the tea room is young people.

In the gallery you will find the brand logo, my artistic impression of what I imagine the tea room would look like, various branding elements (menus, posters, social media) and the tea room's merchandise that would be available to purchase.

I also created a brand guidelines booklet for the branding of this project. The document can be viewed by clicking the link below: