Adsgressive Tendencies is an anti advertising campaign that was based entirely on a quote by theorist, Naomi Klein. “The message is clear: get the kids and you’ve got the whole family and the future market.”

I believed that manipulating pester power was a form of child exploitation and an unethical marketing tactic that needed to be addressed. I created Adsgressive Tendencies as a way of dividing marketers and consumers by using the visual language of advertising to make parents understand what children are being subjected to on a daily basis.

I chose to subvert Disney’s idea of selling magic with Mickey Mouse, Compare The Market’s animated meerkat character with their ‘simples’ lives and Kellogg’s using characters to sell sugary cereals to young children.


This project was also featured in the 2021 Novacreate Exhibition, Unfold. You can check out that full exhibition here: