Picture Frame Graphic

Who am I?

My name is Hayley, if you hadn't already guessed!

I am a 23 year old bubbly character with an eye for precision, a passion for organisation and a love for all things design. 

My creative flair definitely comes from my Grandma’s involvement at a very young age who always made sure that my brother and I had an arts and crafts project to be doing in the school holidays. When a child is knitting and sewing at 6 years old, there's got to be a Grandma involved. I don’t think that I would have been interested in a creative career if it weren’t for her. 


The majority of my hobbies are also creativity based, whether that be embroidery, creating house floor plans and interior designs or designing my own theme parks and roller coasters.


I draw inspiration from many creative disciplines with my love of music and literature fuelling the work I produce. I have a keen interest in all areas of design but branding and identity is what I am most interested in. Looking at logos, signage around me and scoffing at the poor design knowledge applied to leaflets put through the letter box are a daily occurrence in my life. My parents call me a total nerd for being interested in font choices and colour schemes but I am a nerd and proud! 


For years I had been led to believe that digital marketing was the career I was headed for. I had never heard the term ‘graphic design’ before but knew straight away that I had finally found the term I had been searching for to describe the career I wanted.